Spotlight: Alex Odom: A Star in the Making

Tyler Phillips and Jake Nastase

The 6’1 quarterback lines up under center and takes the snap. He surveys the defense waiting for his wide receiver to get open. He finds a wide open receiver in the back of the endzone for a 30 yard touchdown. The crowd goes wild as Kingsway retakes the lead with 3:24 left to go in the game. He runs to the sideline with an unmistakable grin on his face.

Alex Odom, a Junior, is the star quarterback at Kingsway Regional High School. He has been  an integral piece to the team’s offense. He has racked up some great number at the high school level.

After tough losses to Lenape and Clearview, Odom knows that he has to, in his own words, “keep playing and try to win next year.” He understands that football is a team sport and to be angry with team members or leave them behind is simply not acceptable.

Odom got interested in the sport at the age of four, while watching football with his father. This inspired him to start playing as soon as he could, and at four years old he began playing with the Logan Lions.  

Odom’s most memorable game was when he was in the fourth grade. They fought strong the entire season and finished it off as Odom says, “undefeated,” winning the championship. He recalls his team running around with joy on their faces as they savored the moment.

Odom plays football in the fall and then goes right into playing basketball immediately after. ”It’s a lot,” Odom said. The week after his last football game he is thrown into playing basketball for Kingsway’s varsity team.

After his graduation in 2020, Odom will be off to college where he plans to continue his football career. He wants to attend Rutgers, Maryland, or his top choice, UConn.

Odom is not the stereotypical quarterback. As his teammate, Shymell Davis, said, “He has great work ethic and always prospers whenever he has a task at hand.”