Spotlight: Sean Fatiga: All-star Soccer Player of the Year

Sean Fatiga

Lexie Monteith and Reyna Moragnti, Students

While some might view Soccer as just some silly game, for Sean Fatiga, it’s the future. Fatiga is Kingsway Regional High School’s striker for the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team, as well as 3 separate club teams. By the end of this season, Sean was able to score a total of 19 goals and 3 assists. This makes him the top scorer for the Varsity team, all while being 16 years old, only a junior in high school.

This past season was quite the ride for Fatiga. He said, “It’s been great because I’ve been able to work with every grade and learn from everyone.”

Before each game, Fatiga finds that using drills that he has to work with his feet benefits him the most. He, in his own words, “gets in his zone” and is ready for action.

Fatiga said that the most intense game was the Williamstown conference game. The game tested his agility, speed, and aggressiveness.

Fatiga shares that he works best with his close friend, Christopher Spicer, a sophomore on the varsity team as well. Since they play the same position, it’s easy to work so well together. Fatiga said, “I played with a lot of them growing up. So I’ve known them forever.”

As a junior and a younger player, one would assume the seniors would have an issue with Fatiga, being as talented as he is; however, Sean said, “The older players think it’s great to see how competitive the younger ages can be.”

Fatiga’s coach, John Green, had some strong input on Sean as a player. Green explained that Fatiga has the speed, strength, and the accuracy to take the shot it takes to be a great team player. He agreed with Sean on the fact that the age of the players does not matter. “I don’t look at the age and grade of my players. It’s not about that,” Green shared.

Seeing as Fatiga is only growing as a player, so you can imagine what we’re in for next year. We look forward to seeing what great heights he will soar to as a senior.