Spotlight: Maddy Ferry: Freshman Star In Varsity Field Hockey

Angelina Robostello and Sofia Probst

The field hockey player is running her stick around each edge of the net, determination in her eyes, and victory in her smile. As the light posts shine down on the grassy field, she watches the game begin at mid-field. Does she block the ball, or does her confidence takeover the game?

Maddy Ferry is a freshman at Kingsway Regional High School, and plays on the varsity field hockey team as their goalie. She has golden brown hair, and stands at five feet and four inches tall. She is a crowd pleaser with her phenomenal skills. Maddy holds so much talent within herself, and her personality shines through her smile. Maddy is a team player, a supportive friend, a daughter, and a sister. She is clearly always pushing herself to her fullest potential; hence all of the wins her team has racked up, and her jaw-dropping shutout record.


Maddy, unlike most incoming freshman, made the varsity field hockey team. This was a great accomplishment. Having to grow from just a little eighth grader to playing with upperclassmen seems like a terrifying experience, but Maddy enjoyed every last second with her amazing role models on varsity.

Maddy said her time playing on a varsity team is “Exciting because I met a lot of new people, and it made my high school experience easier.”


Maddy started playing field hockey at the age of nine. She suited up, stepped onto the field, and fell in love with the sport. Six years later, she made her debut game as goaltender for the KRHS varsity team on September fourth against Woodstown, making this her first, and surely not last, shutout. Maddy gives some credit to her “lucky socks.”

She said, “ They are my American flag socks. I wear them every game, but I wash them of course.” Maddy’s socks are not the only thing leading to the team’s victories, but also her positive attitude, mindset, and confidence when the game goes into play.

(Yo what position does she play? – Jack, Editor)

Maddy enjoys being apart of a team as well as the feeling and experiences that follow.

She said, “We have this fun pre-game ritual, whenever we have a home game, we all do this dance to Just Fine.” With her outgoing personality, she fits in perfectly with some of the most fun individuals. She enjoys being around so many exciting personalities and partaking in the same events as these flourished souls. Defensive players, such as goalies, have the most stressful role in the game, and Maddy’s humble personality allows her to still give credit to her defense, and all of her other hole-hearted teammates on the field. No matter the sport, the goalie is never on the field playing a position as much as any of the other individuals apart of the team.


Maddy said: “The girls are very inclusive and I never feel that I am apart from anyone” Maddy finds all of the girls are very supportive and accepting of her as a new high school player. My sister (Hailey Ferry, plays left wing) and Elizabeth Bennet (defense, right back) are my biggest support systems because they always help me out and hype me up.”

Maddy knows how much commitment it takes being part of the team, and she always gives the other individuals of the team the credit they deserve just as they do to her.

Felicia McHenry, sophomore at Kingsway, and JV field hockey player said, “From playing with her year round, I’ve watched her skill grow so much and her passion grow along with it for the game.”

Players around Maddy have grew with her, and have watched her grow rapidly. Everybody around her takes notice to her skill. Maddy has many accomplishments to be proud of when it comes to excelling in field hockey, as well as academically.

She is an honor roll student, and said, “It’s definitely more of a challenge because I get home late from games and practices, but in the end it’s all worth it once one considers the support  and just being apart of an amazing team.”


Maddy intends to follow through with field hockey by playing it all four years of high school as well as possibly playing in college. Maddy’s biggest role model is her sister, Hailey Ferry. Hailey is now on her way to finishing up senior year, and she plans on playing field hockey throughout college as well. The Ferry’s are making a huge mark on the field.