Ms.Stark’s Spark

Ayana Harris and Alyssa Green

The teacher rises from her desk as the students pour in from the hallways and into their biology class. The students file into their seats and begin diligently working on their ‘Do-Now’. The teacher gives them time to think and process the information to record their answers and when the time passes she grabs their attention to start her lecture. Jennifer Stark is not only an AP Biology teacher here at Kingsway but was named 2018 Teacher of the Year. She is known for her impeccable teaching, her jokes and the Senior Class Adviser for the class of 2019. Jen Stark’s motherly figure, allows students to be open with her about anything that is happening in their lives and confide in their work in her class. “By her letting me tell her my everyday stresses of being a high school student, it let off some steam throughout the day”( Nadira Harris).

Jen Stark stated that the reason she went to study biology is because ,“one of [her] friends in college was studying biology and it seemed interesting.” Stark attended Rowan University and majored in biology, minored in chemistry, and earned her certification in Secondary Education. She also mentioned her passion for teaching at Kingsway and why she values being in unison with the student body

She said:“I student taught at Kingsway and had great mentors throughout that process.  I was drawn to the student body at Kingsway. I thought the students were great kids and it was a great atmosphere.”

It was not finalized in Stark’s mind that she wanted to teach. She even talked to her guidance counselor about not wanting to teach. Her counselor told her that, ironically,, “people that say they don’t want to teach, become teachers.”

Educating people runs in her family. She said,“ My brother said that he would never become a teacher and he became a teacher too.” She further explained that her parents were educators as well. Her mother taught business and her father taught for “a few years.” She finally decided to become a teacher when she was working at a summer camp and explained that she loved working with children.  

Not only is Stark a teacher here at Kingsway Regional High School, she is Senior Class Adviser of the class of 2019.  When she first applied for the job, she knew her and Mrs. Lowry would work together as a good team. Jen believes it is a lot of work, but it is worth it for the interactions with the seniors. Jen has been impressed with the senior class since their arrival here there freshman year. It made it easier that the Class of 2019, in her own words, “have positive attitudes and are all around great kids.”  During her time here she was awarded the ‘ Teacher of the Year’ for her amazing efforts and time contributed here at Kingsway.

It is clear that Jen Stark has earned her place at this school. With her phenomenal teaching skills, she has inspired many students to take up careers in Science beyond Kingsway’s walls.