The First Renaissance Field Trip: A “Leaping” Success

Max Ma, Writer

Kingsway Highschool Renaissance members attended their first field trip of the school year on January 4, 2019. The field trip was to Altitude Trampoline Park in Wilmington, Delaware.

Renaissance member, sophomore Jason Chan, said, “I enjoyed the trip! We should do things like this more often.”

Another member, sophomore Ethan Chambers, said, “My favorite part of the trip was playing trampoline dodgeball. I hope we can go again next year.”

The students, as well as advisors Nicholas Fiocco, Megan Bruder, and Apryl Palazzo, left the high school at 8:30 A.M. and arrived back at around 1:30 P.M. Students packed their food to eat on the trip, or purchased food offered at the trampoline park. The park sold food such as pizza and popcorn; additionally, they had a variety of fountain beverages from soda to water. Students also received socks that were suited to jumping on trampolines. Attractions held at the park included obstacle courses, trampoline dodgeball, trampoline basketball, and an airbag pit.

Socks given by Altitude Trampoline Park.


Altitude Trampoline Park Main Court.