Powder Puff 2018

Lauren Retkovis, Newspaper Writer

The Kingsway Regional High School’s junior and senior girls played head to head on Monday November 19 in the school’s annual powder puff game. The competition doubled as the sophomore class fundraiser. Although it was a chilly night, everyone in the stands had a great time supporting there fellow students.

Led by coaches Farid Syed, Owen McBride, and Nicholas Fiocco, the seniors won with a score of 14-8.

Emily Sheldon , a senior participant, said, “Hungry dogs run faster.”

The senior class was full of positive energy when on the field.

The Junior Class was led by coaches Nickolas Cappolina, Colby Kuhn, and Amanda Silvesti.

Junior Brianna Pacilli said, “Powder puff was an amazing  experience to be apart of. The team was supportive of one another even if we made the littlest mistakes.” 

Powder puff games are a nationwide event that most high school students attend, but do they actually know the history behind it? Powder puff first made an appearance in the 1945, but became more well known in the 1970s.  Additionally, powder puff was first played in colleges, but is now played in high schools.

If you’re interested in playing or watching powder puff, the next two Kingsway Regional High School classes to verse off will be the classes of 2020 and 2021, so stay tuned!