KDTV news gets student’s attention


Alexis Monteith, Journalism Class

Kingsway Regional High School finally has a morning news broadcast, that has replaced the morning announcements with a visual perspective. The KDTV club makes a sudden impact on the school to switch students perspective on school announcements and information for each day. The KDTV club, advised by TV Media teacher Stanley Ritter, prepares each day’s news after school every day before students come in the next day.

The show is directed by Max Henjes (12th Grade), and the scripts are written by club advisors and teachers who have announcements for the day to be looked over and revised by Ritter. Max shares, “Production is always a good time. We have some good people in there.”

In past years, we did have announcements that played in the cafeteria daily, but no one could hear them. Now, students are able to see and hear the important announcements for the day and week.

Past years, it was found that students weren’t paying attention or listening into the morning speaker, but with the drastic change, students can’t help but engage in the visual daily news. Ritter states, “It really gets the kids attention. They want to watch it.”