What is Your Opinion on Bird Box?

The thriller “Bird Box” has become more and more popular since its debut.


Tyler Schulz, Writer

The title is enough to get one intrigued; what is a bird box? What is important about it? Reviews of movie-watchers have taken shape, and interviewees, share their thoughts on the film.

Bird Box is a 2018 film that received 62% rotten tomatoes. The main character, Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, and two children, called “Boy” and “Girl” until the movie’s vague ending, attempt to escape an entity that potentially makes people commit suicide if they look at it.

Because the entity exists outside, the characters need to find sanctuary in a building with no windows. To escape a horrible fate, Malorie, the two children, and company attempt to journey through dangerous river rapids to reach a sanctuary.

Since the characters must never take off their blindfolds while on their journey, they only have Malorie’s pet birds to guide them. As they journey through tbe waters Mallory has flasbacks of the events leading up to the journey.

According to junior Sarah Hansell, the film was “…more of a thriller than a scary movie and I did enjoy it a lot.” Another student, Victoria McCormick said the experience of watching the movie was “…not what I expected it to be; before I watched it, all I knew was that some blindfolded girl had to find her way around…I was intrigued the whole time. It was one of those movies that you just didn’t want to take your eyes off of the screen for a single second.”

Junior Brandon Viola also had a positive review, stating that he “thought it was pretty good…my favorite part was the whole scene where there were kids being born, and Gary wanted everyone to look outside.”

However, it seems that not everyone would give Bird Box a 5 star rating. Kingsway Student, Tessa Sherman, shared her thoughts. “There were so many plot holes that were introduced and never finishedBox, and there was no backstory at all. It was kind of like the producers threw everything in a pot and were like ‘oh here’s some supernatural killing thing and here are some crazy people and everyone needs blindfolds and birds in boxes.'”

Many critics would agree with Sherman, stating that the film did not achieve its intriguing potential. Radnor student Casey Goali simply stated: “Overrated.”

The film is available on Netflix and is rated R due to violence, gruesomeness, language, and brief sexuality.