STEAM Night 2019

The STEM and Business Leadership Academy students ran and showcased the wonders of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics at Kingway’s second annual STEAM Night. Presentations were given by the STEM students about STEAM through interactive presentations mostly geared towards those in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Along with marketing the event to the elementary schools, the BLA students ran the behind the scenes work, selling food, designing T-shirts, and planning the overall layout of the night.

It being only the second annual STEAM Night, there were many who had their doubts and worries. In the end, the night turned out to be a spectacular event that captivated the attention of people young and old. Many of the kids even said that they were thinking of going into STEAM fields…but that might have just been the marshmallows from the Health and Nutrition station talking.

Business Leadership Academy student Olivia Thomas spoke on the subject of STEAM Night, saying, “It was a really good learning experience that showed us what goes into running an event and all of the collaboration that goes along with it.” Overall, the Academy students and the people attending STEAM Night had a very enjoyable time. Make sure to clear your calendars for next year’s third annual STEAM Night!