Why was “Stranger Things Such a Hit?



The whole country is talking about “Stranger Things,” but why? Taking a glance at the show, it just looks like a bunch of kids destined to live a normal life who get caught up in a sticky situation. Seems familiar, doesn’t it? What sets “Stranger Things” apart from the tons of shows that seem just like this?

Taking a closer look, many notice a key aspect of the show that stands out; the time setting is the 1980s. Even though it was a time that is far from the current generation’s knowledge, it is still holds its relevancy. Teens over the past few years have become more and more interested in older time periods. Hall and Oats, Whitney Houston, and Queen are common bands and singers that stream through teen’s earbuds and car speakers. Posters of Talking Heads and John Mellencamp hang on their walls. Scrunchies, gingham, and paneled jackets are in every department store. It’s almost like we went back in time.

So, not only does the setting in “Stranger Things” appeal to parents who had lived through the time, but while they point at the “Count Chocula” on the screen exclaiming “We used to eat that all the time!” their children stare in amusement and interest at a time period that still influences them today.

Another aspect of “Stranger Things” is the less traditional take on horror. “Stranger Things” depicts that there is more to the show than mere survival. Friendship, love, family, and life are a huge part of the story. While the kids are at school learning about science, playing dungeons and dragons, and playing at the arcade, they are also hoping to save their friends, and, ultimately, the world. Furthermore, characters of all ages, social status, and relationships are depicted in the show.

Ultimately, “Stranger Things” has many qualities that set it apart from many shows that we have today, therefore, making it stand out. Along with entertaining a younger generation of teens, the show also relates to parents. This way, the whole family could get together and watch this exhilarating horror show. Furthermore, many other parts of the story make it fun and funny to watch, apart from the grim tone other survival shows set.