An Electric Start for the Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club had their first lesson on electronic currents and circuits this past week. Adviser Reena Ninan overlooked the club’s activities focused around engineering. Vice President Jacob Blair, who is a Junior, led the first lecture with his enthusiasm for electrical engineering. Members who attended the meeting were intrigued by what the club was teaching and exploring. Club member Radhey Patel (Junior) said, “I am interested in the club because after using electronic and devices for my entire life, I am curious about how they work and are made.” Additionally, club member Akshay Nair (Junior) said, “I am interested in this club because I enjoy playing around with my computer, and I am curious on how it works.” Lastly, club member Johnathan Friedrich (Junior) said, “Computer Science is a fast-growing and interesting industry that I want to know a lot about.” Sophomore and President Timothy Ninan believes the Computer Science Club has a significant role at Kingsway Regional High School. Because many people cannot take classes in Computer Science, the club offers a pathway for students to explore their interests in computer engineering.  According to President Timothy Ninan, the Computer Science Club has many different lectures planned for the future. These include presentations on computer programs or languages such as C++, HTML, and Javascript. The next scheduled meeting is on November 13th.