Freshmen Adaptation

The New Students of Kingsway High School

The Freshmen have arrived to Kingsway Regional High School, the class of 2023 brings 550 new students to the school.   Some freshmen gave their thoughts about their high school year, so far. Autumn Yoder is a freshman who shared her views with “The Flame”.  Autumn said, “Its not bad”, Autumn had many things she liked about the high school when compared to Kingsway Middle School.  She said, In middle school.  “The teachers are holding our hands;” in high school, ” its more of a do what you want to do, where you want to go. During lunch, I can go to my math, or English teacher, without getting told I can’t go”. Autumn did not find it intimidating to be in a school of four grades from five different towns.  She expressed that while it was different,  it was not that bad.

Another freshman, Aiden Ford said high school “is going great”, and he likes how high school has many unique opportunities Kingsway such as clubs, and smart lunch. Aiden said, “There are a lot of different clubs, and stuff to go to, even during school at SMART. I think smart has helped everyone, and that the school should keep it”.  Aiden said that he used SMART to his advantage so he had less work to do once he got home.

Anabelle McGowan, new Freshman Vice President also talked about school and stated, “I like it a lot, the staff is very helpful, and they get to know us. Instead of just being our teachers they are our friends. It is a big school, but we are all one, which doesn’t happen at a lot of schools”.  She said she ran for Freshmen vice president because, “I wanted to make Kingsway a better place where everyone can feel safe, and happy”. The freshmen are here and they are making their mark on our school