Kingsway Field Hockey: Scoring On And Off The Field


Kingsway Field Hockey looked for change one year ago to find a leader that would bring them to a championship. They found the anchor they needed in new head coach Dana Ott, middle school English teacher and former middle school coach. With one season in the books, she has brought the team to their first group final in a few years and the team is looking to hold that trophy high this year. 

Elizabeth Bennet, senior captain, described how the team has changed with the new change in leadership and the momentum of the team. Coach Ott brought in new ways of handling a practice, “it’s different, and I loved [Coach Lewis], but it’s a good change.” The focus at practices switched in the past year from long runs and heavy endurance to short sprints and stickwork. As a new coach, the mentality has changed and they truly believe that they can take this team far into the playoffs. Last year was the first sign that the new methods are working for this team by making it to the group finals. 

With their win against Southern regional on Wednesday, the team was set up to face against  Eastern one more time. Last year, Bennet mentioned, they had not played them earlier in the season before that final 8-0 loss. However, this year they had the chance to face off against one another in an early season scrimmage; “ we lost 5-0, which to most is still a loss but to us it’s way better than the last time.” Bennet remarked. She believes that as a team, they have the ability to take that trophy home to the Dragon’s Den. Bennet even made the statement that her new favorite memory of being on the team will be winning this year’s sectional finals. Unfortunately, the team suffered a 8-1 loss against the second ranked team in the nation at Eastern Regional this year.

With all of the success this team has had within their past two seasons and before, one would think they have a lot of fans. However, the team only is mentioned every now and then when talking about fall sports. Bennet remarked that, “I don’t think the team gets the recognition they deserve, but [the team] uses it as fuel to go out and win every game. People are focused on football and not everyone understands the sport, but we play for each other.” With the possible lack of attention the team gets, the Kingsway Field Hockey team remains successful and looking towards the future with bright, wide eyes.