Kickin it With Coach Green


The team breaks from their huddle on the sidelines, gets in formation and waits for their soccer game to begin. The referee blows his whistle and the team breaks away down field and immediately scores due to the excellent skill of the players and play design of Varsity coach, John Green. Coach Green has been the head coach of the Varsity boys soccer team for 24 years and this season he has lead them to a 15-3-1 record so far. He said he wanted to start coaching because of another coach named Bob Borrows. Coach Green said “He just really inspired me and made me want to be like him.” As stated previously, the team has an excellent record and Coach Green believes this is due to many things. “They have a lot of experience, they are working well as a team, and are just having fun playing soccer.” This has held true as last night on the 29th when the boys beat Atlantic tech 2-0 with goals by Sean Fatiga and Owen Ryan. Though this was a strong win for the team and everyone played well, Coach Green believes that there is a moment much better and momentous. The best moment of the season to him was their historical win against Washington Township, a team the school has never beat in Varsity soccer. He also said it was great to make it to the semi-finals of the coaches cup this season. While the team has had and is still creating memorable moments, there always has to be a negative; however, the Coach’s idea of their worst moment is kind of both a positive and a negative. He explained that he thought the worst moment was when they got to go play at the professional MLS team Union stadium. But the negative part is that the team lost to rival Clearview 1-0. Nonetheless they have not let one loss slow them down, always bouncing back from defeat. However a season isn’t always about work 24/7. Coach Green says “It’s just so funny to see Conrad Cliver and Jeff Heinemen mess around.” That just goes to show how it’s still possible to have fun even in the competitive environment of a highschool team. As you can see, Coach Green is a vital and effective part of Kingsway athletics and hopes to continue a strong season.