Kingsway’s Second Annual Kingsway Live

Senior Sean Barr takes the throne.

Karen Schonewise

Senior Sean Barr takes the throne.

On January 24,2020, Kingsway stuent council  hosted the second annual Kingsway Live, crowning Sea Barr the King of Kingsway and Maasai Coleman as the People’s Choice Award winner .

The show featured 12 of Kingsway’s funniest seniors; Rich Jaramillo (January), Seth Gray (February), Divum Raval (March), Maasai Johnson (April), Jimmy Burns (May), Elija Gatling (June), Evan Miles (July), Alex Odom (August), Joey Gray (September), Dennis Lee III (October), Melih Sahin (November), and Sean Barr (December). The show was hosted by Nicole Rival and Hanna LaFleur.

The categories for the pageant were as follows; introduction, group dance, strut, lip sync, and the final questionnaire. At the end of the night, the contestants could win the titles of best strut, best lip sync, people’s choice, 1st runner up, and finally Mr. Kingsway.

The pageant started with an opening video that addressed the theme for the show: Wild West. In the video, each contestant explained what they were “wanted” for. For example, Sean Barr was wanted for too many Tic Toks and Elija Gatling was wanted for being a dinosaur. The home made video was directed and produced by Melih Sahin. 

After the video was the opening dance and month introductions. Each contestant came out in a costume that matched the month that they were assigned. Some of the most memorable outfits were from Joey Gray, Divum Raval, and Rich Jaramillo. Since Joey Gray was assigned September, he dressed up as a nerd and threw pencils into the crowd. Divum Raval dressed up as a leprechaun, and Rich Jaramillo dressed up as a baby. The boldest move of the night was made by Jimmy Burns, Mr. May. Jimmy’s outfit was influenced by Cinco de Mayo. Not only did he wear a sombrero, he also drank a bottle of hot sauce.

Following this, was the lip sync battle.

Karen Schonewise
Already awarded the title of “Best Lip Sync.” Maasai prepares to receive his second award of the night- People’s Choice.
Karen Schonewise
The candidates wait their turn for the next hostess question.
Karen Schonewise
A candidate’s work is never done! Seth Gray performs a final dance move with his escort.

Some songs featured were “Time of My Life”, “Take a Hint from Victorious”,  an “Black and White.”  Jaramillo and Raval did the famous lift from the 80s film Dirty Dancing twice. 

During the finale questionnaire, all of the contestants had to answer two questions. The first question was random and the second question was what advice would you give to a freshmen. Jimmy Burns was first asked “if you were invisible what is the one thing you would do”. He replied “I would go backstage and make sure no one saw me cry after drinking the hot sauce”. The contestants showed off their sense of humor for the first question but were serious when it came to the second question. 

Finally, the winners were announced. The title of best strut went to Sean Barr, then lip sync battle went to Maasai Johnson and Sean Barr, and the people’s choice award went to Melih Sahin. Next announced was 1st runner up which went to Elija Gatling.

The 2019 King of Kingsway, Bernie Roddy, came back to Kingsway to crown the next king of Kingsway. In the end, Mr. December, Sean Barr, was named King of Kingsway.

Mr. October, Dennis Lee III said, “I had a lot of fun even though I thought I should win”. The show received a lot of praise from everyone in attendance.