Princeton Model Congress-Virtual Edition

Princeton Model Congress, the oldest model congress event in the country, made history by hosting their first ever virtual tournament this November. The conference was shortened from its usual four days (Thursday night to Sunday morning) to two to accommodate for the changes.

Most of the formatting remained the same. Delegates are placed into committees based on their proposed legislation in the House or the Senate. Committees are traditionally small, capping at about fifteen people, which worked well in a virtual setting.

Once a day, the House and Senate meet in full session–usually in big conference rooms. This year, full sessions took place in massive zoom meetings averaging at about eighty people. Kind of crazy, right?

Joseph Collins III, a senior is quoted saying, “PMC being virtual was certainly different this year, but I still had a good experience. The efficiency of it was impressive, and it still allowed for meaningful debate. Overall, I had a good time, and I want to thank my fellow delegates for selecting me as the best delegate of my committee.”


Twelve delegates from Kingsway were successful in passing their bills in committee. Morgan Wordelmann (senior) represented Kingsway as the Secretary of State and was successful in passing her proposition in the Cabinet. Joseph Collins III (senior) won Outstanding Delegate in committee. Kaila Engle (senior) won Honorable Mention in Full Session of Congress. Dillon Dukes (freshman) won Honorable Mention in Committee.