The Eagles Quarterback Controversy


On Friday, April 23rd, the Philadelphia Eagles made a decision that shocked and bewildered fans of the team and NFL fans in general. With their second-round pick, they chose Jalen Hurts, a quarterback from Oklahoma State. This was after they gave Carson Wentz a four-year 128 million dollar extension that goes into effect in 2021. Why draft a quarterback when the management committed themselves long term to Wentz? There were many other positions of need that the Eagles could have instead chosen in the draft including linebacker, wide receiver, cornerback, and safety. General manager Howie Roseman, who has a horrible track record of drafting, was greatly scrutinized for this pick. He responded that the team was a “QB Factory” that develops young quarterbacks. He also stressed that Carson Wentz is still the franchise’s quarterback going forward, and that is why they paid him. 

Fast forward to December 6th as the Eagles traveled to Green Bay to face the Packers. Going into this game the Eagles were 3-7-1. This season has been extremely disappointing for fans who believed the team would make a playoff run because of the weakness of the NFC East. Carson Wentz has taken the majority of the heat for the team’s losing record. He has thrown 15 interceptions through the 12 games he started. To start the second half of the Packers game, Doug Pederson pulled Carson Wentz and started Jalen Hurts after the offense had a very slow start. Hurts passed for 109 yards, threw 1 interception that was tipped, and converted a fourth-down pass to wide receiver Greg Ward for a touchdown. The Eagles lost the game, but Hurts seemed to add a spark to the offense that was much needed. 

After the loss to the Packers, Doug Pederson initially refused to name a starting quarterback and Eagles fans and sports casters wanted an answer.  Most sportscaster polls showed Philly was ready for a change, but what about Kingsway students. In an Instagram poll Kingsway students voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new quarterback to start the next game against the New Orleans Saints. 55 students voted for Hurts and 14 students voted for Wentz. These numbers were
extremely favoring Jalen Hurts which showed the clear lack of trust in Wentz who many believed was an elite quarterback just a year ago. 

The 69 Kingsway students who voted got what they wanted because last Sunday Jalen Hurts made his first NFL start as a healthy Carson Wentz watched from the sideline. The offense looked rejuvenated again. Coach Pederson incorporated RPO plays, designed QB runs, and a lot of short throws for the rookie quarterback. He also included many rollout throws which he was hesitant to call for Carson Wentz. Hurts passed for 167 yards and one touchdown in the game. He also rushed a total of 18 times for 106 yards. He had one fumble on a designed run. Jalen and the offense looked better compared to the majority of the other games when Wentz was at the helm, but the defense really showed up which lead to the Eagles upsetting the 10-2 Saints. 

So now what? Is Jalen the quarterback of the future? Will the Eagles move on from the quarterback they just paid all that money to? Only time will tell. I believe Carson Wentz can still play at a pro-bowl level, and that fans should not overreact about the below-average performances he has had this season. Wentz has had to deal with a completely decimated offensive line. He has been hit more than any other quarterback this season, and he has virtually no time in the pocket to throw the ball. His receivers have also dealt with injuries and his number one target, Zach Ertz, has been out the majority of the season. On top of this, Doug Pederson’s play calling should be questioned. He reluctance to run the ball with Sanders would take a lot of pressure off Carson. It is not time to give Jalen Hurts the long term job in Philadelphia just because he won his first game. I firmly believe Carson Wentz will still be on the team next season because if the Eagles cut him, they will still have to pay him his guaranteed money. My main question is will he enter the next season as the starter or  will there  be an open QB competition in training camp. Jalen Hurts has been named the starter once again in the next game against the Arizona Cardinals, so his performance this Sunday may show  fans a lot about the future of the Philadelphia Eagles.