Staying Engaged – 5 Tips to Aid Virtual Learning

Staying Engaged - 5 Tips to Aid Virtual Learning

As we re-enter school from winter break and prepare for the first semester to come to a close, many are struggling to get back into the swing of virtual school. Though hybrid learning continues as of January 11th, it may be difficult to find the motivation to work or stay on top of things, especially for all virtual students. Here is a list of 5 ways to help with any end of semester burnout and stay engaged in classes.

    1. Create a list. Creating a list of everything you have to do at the beginning of the day or after school, and scheduling your time to accommodate each item, is a great way to make sure no class is left behind. There are many free apps serving as virtual todo lists that make it easy to visualize what needs to be done. You may want to do the most pertinent assignments first to make sure they are finished, or you may prefer to scatter difficult projects in between short assignments. Everyone is different, and productivity is all about what works best for you! Plus, nothing is better at the end of the day than checking off your last item and feeling accomplished.
    2. Turn off your phone or leave it in a different room. It may be a cliché that smartphones are a distraction to productivity, but for most cases it is true. Receiving texts while writing an essay can peel you away from your work, and the next thing you know, you’ve been scrolling through TikTok for two hours. It happens to all of us, even when we don’t want it to. Even allowing a half hour phone break for yourself can help you compartmentalize work and leisure, and aid with finding a balance between overworking yourself and wasting time.
    3. Blue light glasses. Staring at a screen all day can take a serious toll on your eyes, and can lead to distracting headaches that make working difficult. Investing in a pair of blue light glasses may not be the worst idea if you are experiencing this issue, as they block the harmful light of computers from reaching your eyes. They can be found for as little as $15 on Amazon, and prescription glasses can be ordered with a blue light protection treatment as well.
    4. Sleep. While it is rather tempting to stay up all night scrolling through social media, watching movies, or playing video games, getting the proper amount of sleep is extremely important for your brain. Everyone’s needs vary, but a basic rule to set for yourself is around 8 hours. If you know your alarm is set for 8:00, try to go to bed by midnight. No one is perfect and it is understandable that it cannot be achieved everyday, but attempting to get more sleep into your system can really help you improve if you have been lacking it recently.
    5. Keep in touch with friends. Though it may seem slightly counterintuitive, keeping social contact with your friends virtually is very important for one’s mental health. Without support from your friends or an outlet for stress, it can become very difficult to stay motivated or feel like your entire life is at a desk. As with anything, balance is important, and allowing yourself some time to stay social can help ease the effects of overworking.