Scholarship Opportunities Kingsway and Beyond


There are many opportunities for students to get scholarship money for college. The easiest way to find them is to look at the list the Kingsway Guidance Staff has assembled for students.

Click Here for this link.

Students can also search the Internet to find some of the most unique ways to get a scholarship.

Here is a list of some types of scholarships available.

  • Athletic
  • College Specific
  • Company Sponsored
  • Grants for College
  • Merit-Based
  • Minority
  • Military
  • By Majors
  • Religious
  • By State
  • By Type
  • Graduate Students
  • High School Students
  • Undergraduate Students
  • Weird

Some unique scholarships include topics like writing about being left-handed, the number five, having a superpower, the flavor of the month, and even the Zombie Apocolypse.

Here are some scholarship sites that list unique offerings:

Happy Hunting!