Netflix Motivates the Globalization of Cultures and May Create New Ones

Netflix Motivates the Globalization of Cultures and May Create New Ones

It is clear that the internet and media in general has a huge effect on global culture. Streaming services definitely fit into this category. 

Netflix’s diverse library of cult classics to Bollywood blockbusters to 80s favs, provides viewers with a wide variety of entertainment to choose from. The streaming service’s global popularity and accessibility allows viewers to have access to media that would have been inaccessible with basic cable access.

For example, the globalization of k-pop, k-dramas, and Korean culture in general, has been heavily influenced by services such as Netflix. The convenient access to these international shows allows viewers to discover new cultures and forms of entertainment without the hassle.  

Along with this globalization of foreign cultures, actors that star in Netflix productions are likely to become influential celebrities. For example, Milly Bobby Brown had no prior fame before she starred in the groundbreaking Netflix series “Stranger Things”. Now, the actress boasts more than 42 million followers on Instagram and has starred in many successful projects.

The significant influence that Netflix has on society is making is preferable to traditional movie studios and cable television. This preferability stems from the fact that Netflix release all episodes for its shows at once, allowing people to “binge-watch” instead of having t0 wait the next week for a new episode. Netflix has further popularized this format in the industry itself, which again impacts entertainment business altogether. Furthermore, the ongoing pandemic has also increased the popularity of services like Netflix, which help satisfy the demanding needs of bored customers at home.

As streaming services continue to take over the entertainment industry, culture has the possibility to spread across the globe and integrate itself into people’s daily lives. Moreover, a new culture has developed in itself on the internet, as social media pushes us towards online interactions compared to the traditional in-person ones.