Painting Parking Spots? The Proposal May Soon Become Reality!


Taylor High School in Cleve, Ohio has been allowing seniors to paint their parking spots since 2016.

Recently, a petition created by the junior class officers has been making its rounds on social media. The petition is for Kingsway to begin allowing rising seniors to paint the parking spots next year. Allowing students to customize their parking spots at school is a trend that has become increasingly popular around the country in recent years. Ranging from wacky cartoon characters to famous quotes, the possibilities are endless for students wanting to express themselves.  Class of 2022 president, Sarah Mower, explained why she believed Kingsway should incorporate this trend:

“I think painting parking spots is a great idea because it allows students to express themselves through positive artwork. It allows students to bond in a way that involves tradition, belonging, and overall FUN!”  

Many students and parents agree with Sarah and the rest of the Junior class officers who are pushing for this to become a reality. From the most artistic students to students just wanting to have some fun‒ this activity is for everyone. Also, the petition already seems to be making waves as Dr. Lavender described his opinion.

“I am familiar with the proposal and believe it is a fun and creative idea. I see this project as an opportunity for students to engage in art through self-expression, which will transform a mundane asphalt canvas into a bright and colorful tapestry that will reflect Kingsway’s rich school spirit. As long as we have measures in place to ensure that it is managed appropriately and restored at the end of the 2022 school year, I will support this student initiative.”

With both growing student and school board support, the option for juniors to paint their parking spots seems likely to occur. So, how will Kingsway’s senior spots look next year?  The community anxiously awaits.