“Your Power”: How Young Artists Are Changing the Industry


Even if you have never experienced the abuse described in “Your Power”by Billie Eilish, the raw lyrics allow listeners to grasp the impacts of abuse. The song, written by Billie Eilish and her brother FINNEAS, allows people who have experienced the abuse to feel understood and supported.

“Your Power” strongly features an acoustic guitar and drums, which allows the singer’s voice and lyrics to shine through. The production of the song is well-done and aids in pushing the narrative of the lyrics. People who have experienced abuse can relate to the lyrics and feel like they are not alone in their struggles. The song brings attention to abuse and hopefully inspires change. 

  The lyrics paint a picture of an underaged girl being taken advantage of by a man. Eilish sings the phrase, “I thought that I was special/ You made me feel/ Like it was my fault, you were the devil,” throughout the song to illustrate the way the abuse impacted the young girl, going so far as to call the abuser “the devil.”

Eilish’s angelic voice makes the song that much more powerful. Eilish sings the chorus, “Try not to abuse your power/ I know we didn’t choose to change/ You might not wanna lose your power/ But power isn’t pain,” with such power and emotion. Eilish allows the audience to fully grasp the effects of abuse and the helplessness they feel. 

This song is different from the other pop songs released today. The message of the song and the transparency of the artist has set it apart from the average pop song, which usually is about nothing of significant substance.

Eilish and FINNEAS have released songs of substance and importance for years, not being afraid to discuss the realities of their life in the spotlight and their personal lives. Overall, the song beautifully and powerfully portrays a story and message that is often pushed aside and ignored in society.