Sports Spotlight: Senior Ben Maiers

Ben Maiers, Canterfielder and Pitcher, is a focal point and leader of the Kingsway Dragons baseball team, making a mark as one of the most impactful and driven players on the team. What is a leader? A leader is “the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.” Ben Maiers, Quarterback and Center Fielder for the Kingsway Regional Dragons is a picture-perfect definition for what a leader and role model for a team are. Whether it’s throwing footballs, pitching baseballs, or chasing down fly balls in center field, 5 ’10, 165lbs Ben Maiers is sure to impact whatever team he is on in a very positive way. 

Ben has been playing Varsity baseball for 2 years now, being a senior in the class of 2021. Unfortunately, Maiers Junior season was canceled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic but he showed what was like like to bounce back and have a very successful Senior year. Ben played center field and pitcher, had 43 total hits, 34 RBI’s, and scored 29 runs in his career as a dragon.

“The season went pretty well for me. I batted first in the order and hit the ball well,” said Maiers. This quote just shows how humble Maiers is, and is a great representation of how young athletes should act, even if they are having a very successful season. 

This season, Ben had 19 hits, 15 RBI’s, and 1 home run. Ben spoke of his unforgettable home run when he says, “The most memorable moment of the season was my walk-off homerun over Millville High School in the first round of the playoffs.” Not only was this the first round of the playoffs, but this was Maiers senior night, where he was able to end his career and play his last game on the Kingsway Campus, with a walk-off home run. 

Maiers is an overall well-rounded player that has many assets to his game that helps both himself and his team win games. This year, Ben helped lead the Dragons to a successful 14-8-1 season, and an unfortunate loss in the second round of the state playoffs to Jackson Memorial. In the future, Ben plans on attending RCSJ Cumberland to continue his baseball and academic career after graduation from Kingsway in 2021. 

Ben is an unbelievable kid, with an unbelievable work ethic and drive in his sport. Not only is he playing to win and have fun, but he also did everything he could to cherish every moment with his teammates in his last year. “The thing I am going to miss the most is going out to practice every day with some of my best friends,” Maiers says when asked what he will miss most about being a Dragon baseball player. 

Overall, Ben is the ultimate picture of a leader, teammate, and loyal player that every coach strives to have in all of his players. Whether it’s on the football field, baseball field, classroom, or at home Maiers is sure to give his best effort and do everything he can to help others. His future in college and eventually maintaining a job are looking very bright for both him and his family, and Ben continues every day to be a great role model and leader for younger athletes and children who strive to be successful when they are older.