She Creates Her Own Luck: Rising Track Star Caitlyn Hickey

There is a myriad of ways to kill time. 11th grader Caitlyn Hickey fills those gaps of boredom between track matches by searching for four-leaf clovers. In fact, it has become a talent that has come easy to her. Even in a large field of luscious grass, Caitlyn will have a small handful of four-leaf clovers that nobody else can seem to find.

That isn’t the only incredible knack Caitlyn has managed to pick up during the duration of her high school track career for Kingsway Regional High School. Standing at five feet, seven inches with strawberry faded hair, her strange knack for clover hunting and bold hair are not the only things that will catch your attention.

She competes in all three categories of field: Shot put, javelin, and discus. Caitlyn has managed to not just compete but dominate the field even with the juggling act of balancing practice for all three events as well as rigorous academics. With three solid years of being on the team, Caitlyn Hickey has gone above and beyond in both performance and attitude to prove that she is one of the most valuable assets to Kingsway’s track and field team.

Caitlyn has been a part of Kingsway’s track and field team ever since her freshman year. At the time, her volleyball coach had advised that should try out track, specifically shot put, at the conclusion of volleyball season. “I didn’t have anything better to do, so I tried out,” Caitlyn said. Since then, Caitlyn has continued to participate in both winter and spring track, and what a success it has proved to be.

Recently, at the South Jersey sectionals for track and field, Caitlyn competed in javelin throwing and got third place with her throw of 103 feet and 7 inches. Breaking over 100 feet is a big deal, and Caitlyn has managed to break her own personal throwing records by 20 feet, according to her track coach, Melanie Springer. “After slightly adjusting her grip partway through this season, she was able to break 100 feet in girls’ javelin throwing 103 feet and 6 inches, taking 5th place at Delsea Field Meet number two,” Coach Springer added.

Along with being an excellent player, Caitlyn’s positive and optimistic personality has made a lasting impression on her team. “(She) often has a smile to share,” said Coach Springer. “Caitlyn is encouraging to her teammates and helps out whenever she can… (she) helps to keep things light-hearted with her consistently positive attitude.”

As a student who is a part of Kingway’s Business Leadership Academy, Caitlyn has already projected a rough sketch of what she hopes for the future. She has hopes to pursue a career within accounting or at least somewhere in the field of business finance. “(I want to be in) the mathematical side of business. I like numbers,” Caitlyn said.

In regards to continuing her track career in college, that decision remains in limbo. It all comes down to which school she ultimately decides to commit to. “If I go to a D3 (Division 3) or D2 (Division 2) school, I probably would (continue doing track),” stated Caitlyn. 

For now, Caitlyn is undoubtedly exceeding in both sports and academics, two things she has shown to have strong suits for. Athletes who are good and what they do, well-liked and respected by their teammates, are gems in high school athletics. In numerous ways, Caitlyn has proved herself to be the triple threat. The passion and commitment Caitlyn has towards track will most definitely propel her own future in sports and whatever else lies before her. As a rising star in both Kingsway and South Jersey competitions, her name will be popping up a lot more often.