Unexpected! Sophomores beat Seniors in 2021 Pep Rally.


Kaylin Cho

The sophomore class celebrates a win.

On Friday, October 15 the senior class won the fall pep rally—is what would be true if October 15 was Opposite Day (which is apparently on January 25, who knew ?). No instead for the first time in what probably is forever, another class, the sophomore class won the fall pep rally. Which was a surprise, to be sure, but gauging the reaction of many of the senior class, was not a welcome one.

To be candid, it is understandable why the senior class lost, from a comically sad loss in an eating contest, and an unlucky game of musical chairs, to a pitiful performance in the tug-of-war. The senior class could not gain the upper hand in any of these events, even if before the pep rally the seniors wore the most sleepwear, represented the most sports teams, dressed a far back as the times of the Romans (apparently Jesus [ro]a[me]d the halls of Kingsway that day [pun intended]), and wore so much Kingsway gear, they could have grown scales, it was still would not have been enough. With this performance, it was game over.

Many seniors were astonished by the outcome; a KDTV clip of a few days after the recording captured the dumbfounded reaction of a few seniors to the results, and a person I know personally would not stop going on how “[EXPLETIVE] stupid” the result of the fall pep rally was.

These vulgar reactions occurred because spirit week and any actions of those not seniors has always been a charade. Spirit week has always occurred in the following manner.

  1. An assortment of challenges is given throughout the week.
  2. No matter the actual result the seniors end the week in the lead.
  3. The pep rally happens
  4. ???
  5. The seniors win, no questions asked.

However, the sophomore win has shaken up the status quo. In many people’s eyes, it was the class of 2022’s turn to win the pep rally, but that opportunity was stolen from them because of a  combination of poor performance on the field from the senior class, the performance of the sophomore class, and what seems like a whim decision by the administration. Congratulations to the class of 2024.  Class of 2022: do not take this loss too hard;  if there is another time, better luck then.