Kingsway’s Marching Band Performs in Dunkin’s Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade


After a year of COVID-19 restrictions, Kingsway’s marching band was back in full swing this season. Kingsway was able to perform in Dunkin’s Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade while the school was on Thanksgiving Break.

“I’m very thankful I got to do it. Most people only get to do [the parade] one year, but we got to do it two years,” Jessica Blanda, a flute player, recalls. Kingsway not only got to play in the parade this year but also in 2019–an opportunity few schools are lucky enough to get. The school was chosen out of every other marching band in the country thanks to the hardworking and talented individuals who make Kingsway stand out.

None of it would have been possible without the band’s dedicated members. Everyone in the marching band spent countless hours perfecting their holiday medley for the parade. It’s no surprise that it sounded amazing! They are extremely grateful for the opportunity and worked hard to make their performance memorable.

After a year of minimal action during pandemic restrictions, the marching band had a very successful season in 2021, from our own school football games to wide-scale televised parades!

All of Kingsway is looking forward to another outstanding season in 2022!