Here’s a “Clue” as to why this Year’s Fall Production was Amazing


The classic mystery movie Clue is the original who dunnit. Kingsway High School presented their production of this murder mystery this past week and it was an amazing performance. From the steller casting to the the costumes and props, this play was very entertaining to watch and had me sitting on the edge of my seat. As someone who has never watched the movie before (I know I’m terrible), I went in without any expectations and I have to say that I was utterly surprised. Honestly, high school productions can sometimes be boring or fall flat, but this was the complete opposite. Each student put their full energy and potential into their characters and that’s why is was such an entertaining experience.

Watching Adam Bretz play Colonel Mustard was the highlight of the night. From the exaggerated expressions to the dadlike humor, he played the role perfectly. Marc Cifone’s character, Professor Plum, and Colonel Mustard had a natural chemistry.

Also Lexi Eisenhardt’s portrayal of the somewhat dark and mysterious widow, Mrs. White, was played to perfection. Wadsworth, played by Nick Ciaranca, was one of my favorite characters and always kept me on my toes. His acting with Jenna Delmar’s character of Yvette was enjoyable and fun. Madison Schulz was the perfect Miss Scarlet, with the red dress, flashy jewelry, cigarette and confident attitude. Lauren Stopper was made for the role of Mrs. Peacock, and it was enjoyable to watch her act with the other characters. Cleo Wood made for theideal Mr. Green. Their acting and performance was amazing and I loved the unexpected ending. Honorable mention to Jess Lewis, her tasteful performance of an Elvis song was surprising and added some flare to the play.

The dance scenes and stage choreography were wonderfully done, making this play super engaging. There wasn’t a single moment where I was bored or wanted to look at my phone.  Overall, Kingsway Regional High School’s production of Clue was one of the best high school plays that I’ve seen and I would definitely watch it again!