A Letter From Administration on Bullying and Harassment


Dear Students,

Please know that administrators in this school do listen when you talk to us and truly care about each and every student having a safe space in which to learn. We have no tolerance for hate speech or bullying and there are policies in place to address them. We would be in violation of state laws and also feel morally responsible for the harm done to a student because of our negligence. 

With that said, please understand the following:

  1. There are over 1,900 students in this building. At any given time, we may be dealing with a student-to-student conflict, bathroom vandalism, teacher observations, student mental health, student class cuts, student dress code violations, parent phone calls and so much more. We have one principal and four vice principles to handle all these situations. This year we have even had to cover classes for ill teachers. 
  2. We cannot see everything that happens.  If no one reports it to us, then we cannot handle the issue.   Please consult our website about reporting, HERE.
  3. We cannot give a student instant results when there is a problem. The student accused of harassment or bullying also has a right to an education and we must investigate a situation entirely and notify parents before issuing any disciplinary action. This takes time.
  4. We are bound to protect the privacy of all students; so sometimes you may not know the result or punishment a student receives when they are found guilty.
  5. As far as programs or assemblies ….
  • The administration is continuing to look for opportunities that will benefit the entire student body
  • If any students have ideas for assemblies they would like to share, then by all means please present them to us. We are open to suggestions.

In closing, again, please understand that we are dedicated to all students in the school as are so many of your teachers. In the New Year, we will continue to work hard to make this environment a safe and happy place for all.


Principal, Melvin Allen, 

Vice Principal, Meredith Alexander

Vice Principal, Megan Bruder

Vice Principal, James Zurzolo