Buy Blazblue Central Fiction

Please I need people to play with.

You should buy and play Blazblue Central Fiction. 


It’s $40 which is $20 less than the MSRP of most games, it goes on sale often, and it’s really, really, really, really fun, trust me. Even if you know nothing about fighting games, please just buy the game, I need more people to play with.


If me begging and pleading with you to buy the game was not enough to convince you, (that’s fine, I wouldn’t trust me either), then maybe the fact that the game is one of the best fighting games of the 2010s and is still getting updates may entice you. Blazblue Centralfiction (or BBCF if you’re annoying) is a 2D arcade fighting game developed by Arc System Works, a Japanese game developer, and publisher. The game boasts a roster of 36 unique characters that the player can choose to learn and fight others with. From lanky, psychotic, chaos-obsessed, sociopath to a samurai cat that was integral to stop the apocalypse, to a 10-foot Redman (I lied on this one, he is only 8 feet). I am positive that there is a character for every type of person.

The gameplay is much like a swim in the ocean. The game can be as deep or as shallow as you wish. The game has depth requiring motion input to perform attacks or has a mode where one can embrace their inner gorilla unga bunga and mash buttons to win. 

Another reason? Sure! The game still gets updated. I know the prospect of buying an almost 5-year-old game, may push some away, but just in December, the game got a net code update, that allows for smooth connections across the and less-so-but-still-rather-smooth-compared-to-other-games, connections across the world. Therefore this game will still be getting support and tournaments to come.

There is content for people one person as well!  Maybe speedrunning games are a joy of your, well enthrall yourself into the Speed Star Mode, fighting a gauntlet up to 32 characters to distract yourself from your lack of friends as I do! Engage in a gauntlet of The Grim Abyss Mode leveling up your character far beyond the intended bounds of the game allowing from broken things like this. Even without playing the game, I’m sure you can tell that is not intended. See how many points you can rack up in the Score Attack Mode, or if you really feel like it, jump headfirst into the confusing and overcomplicated story, in which retcon after retcon makes understanding it nearly impossible, and finally, jump online where you can either feel like a deity or get curb-stomped into the ground (based on my experience with the game anyway.)

So yeah, now do you believe me, buy the game, especially on sale, I really need those people to play with.