Q and A with Kingsway Students on Black History Month

Journalism students sat down with Black Kingsway students to highlight students’ sentiments on being a Black American and Black History Month.

Fore Odufalu (17, Senior- NHS Member, Cultures Club Member, Flame Staff member)Fore celebrates Black History Month by watching informative YouTube videos about Black History. Her favorite thing about Black History Month is the clothing and cuisine. Fore believes to accommodate the Black student body, Kingsway allows SHADES Club to occur. Zendaya and Marsai Martin are her Black idols. She idolizes Zendaya, as she grew up alongside her and Marsai Martin because she is her age mate making historical achievements as an actress, youngest Hollywood producer, and business owner.

Krysta Smith (15, Sophomore- Cheerleader and Student Council Member) Krysta expresses, “Black History Month is a month for Black people to feel like they can inspire others to understand our history, from the brutality of slaver to the inspiration that Black people provide in the modern world”. She favors the style and ways Black individuals can do their hair about Black culture. Krysta is grateful for the celebration of Black History Month at Kingsway and the multicultural performance in previous years. Her Black idol is Rihanna, as she “likes[s] her music, she is a great person who is very successful not just in the music industry, but in cosmetics and fashion”.

Evan Luma (16, Sophomore- Volleyball Athlete)Evan is “glad Black History Month is dedicated to just our people… black history is very important”. Evan’s favorite aspect of Black culture is the unique fashion sense and “various ways of doing things, like music”. As a big fan of SHADES Club and it’s incorporation of minority groups at Kingsway, Evan is appreciative of Kingsway’s accommodation. With a bright future ahead, Evan admires Anderson Silva, among the greatest MMA boxers of all time and longest title reign in UFC history record holder, as he “fights with heart”.

Robert Scott (15, Sophomore, BLA Member, Musical Member, KDTV Club Member)In regards to Black History Month Robert said, “It’s important to have a month that highlights such a critical part of American history and educates all races of individuals on things that they might not have been aware of before”. Robert’s favorite thing about Black culture is the versatility of the music, as “the development of black music directly correlates to the evolution of African Americans in this country”. He gives credence to Kingsway for providing an open and embracing environment for everyone, as well as, History and English courses, because “they do a good job at attempting to cover issues faced by people of color”. Langston Hughes is Robert’s idol because he contributed to the culture of black poetry to the American public in a time where such advancements were rare”.