September is over; here’s what the community thinks about the new school year


Kingsway website

Students sit on the bleachers during SMART lunch waiting for an assembly.

Students and staff began the first “normal” year in over two years on Sept. 7.  However, although the masks were removed and classes were at filled capacity, students and staff had mixed feelings. Some were happy with schedules, school improvements, and seeing friends. Others were disappointed with the SMART restart and policy changes regarding cell phones and dress code. Regarding cell phones, reactions were mixed but mostly negative.

    Miranda Zeno, Senior stated: “I think that the new phone policy is understandable. It will be more helpful for learning aspects but I feel like teachers should learn to utilize the phone sometimes, like in study hall. There should be some leeway with it.” 

     The dress code also bothered some students. Aliviyah Mateo, Senior stated: “I think that it’s too strict. Some things make sense, but it’s gone too far. A sliver of skin should not offend you, that’s creepy.”

      Several staff and students were optimistic and hopeful about the school year.

      Director of Special Services, Shanna Hoffman said,  “I support no phones in the classroom to minimize distractions.” Junior James Legg said sets some goals for the year.  “To be socially and extra curricularly successful.”:

     David Pitel, Junior stated: “My first day of school went well. It was fun and I had no problem finding my classes. The only real difficulty I had throughout the week was trying to get through the crowded hallways.”

     Regarding the homeroom in the third bell, one anonymous student said, “I don’t like it, it’s not my fault people are missing important information.”