Students share varying opinions on SMART lunch


Kingsway has made several changes to SMART lunch this year including the addition of the new Student Center, allowing sports in the South Gym during lunch and encouraging more students to use SMART responsibly. Many of the new changes have been beneficial, but student opinions on SMART lunch still vary.

The Student Center (previously the North Media Center) and the Wellness Center were added as two new eating locations. They both offer a quiet space to eat, study and complete homework. According to a survey conducted about student opinions on SMART, about 18% of students out of 11 eat in the Student Center. Some of those students eat in the Wellness Center periodically. The Student and Wellness Center both offer a relaxing spot to unwind from the stress that many students face during the school day. Several students, however, think the Student Center is a bit crowded.

As many students begin to form a more organized SMART routine, though, the Student Center is becoming less congested than it was during the first few weeks of school. While many students eat in the cafeterias or the north gym, most students (45.5%) eat lunch in a teacher’s room. The reasons why students might eat in a classroom vary. Some students simply enjoy the quiet, while others might see teachers for help with schoolwork or take part in clubs.

When asked what could be changed about SMART lunch, several students mentioned that more teachers should be open during SMART or that more eating locations besides classrooms should be available. 45.5% of students say that there are not enough eating locations. An anonymous Kingsway student who took the survey said that SMART lunch should be different for each student. If a quiet time to eat lunch without worrying about schoolwork is needed, then the student should be able to take a break during lunch. If time to catch up on homework is needed, then the student should be able to take that time. While some students may keep wandering the hallways during SMART regardless of how many rules are put in place, the students who want to use their time for what they need will.

When asked to rate SMART lunch overall from one (worst) to ten (best), most students replied with a seven. While it can be difficult to find an eating location, especially for students who buy lunch, SMART has its benefits. It encourages students to unwind, socialize, complete homework, or all three. SMART lunch doesn’t look the same for every student. Everyone can develop their own unique routine during this free hour to help them succeed.