A Nurse’s Office

 Nurses are the firm, indispensable brick at the cornerstone of Kingsway’s schools and students. They treat the entire student body with the best medical equipment given, and they serve as a mental fortitude for all students who seek aid from the trials school puts them through. With a small but unwavering staff treating 80 students a day, this deeply valued, unseen task force of Kingsway gives something irreplaceable to all who come to them for help.

“We get kids with paper cuts that don’t bleed who just want, you know.” She plainly explained the mistreatment of those who have done everything for us.

Kingsway life and learning can drain the student who just needs some time to cool off for a few minutes. The student may need to get a Band-Aid or an ice pack to cool off their headache, so they go to the Nurse’s Office for these things. The nurses ask the standard questions: “What happened?” because they care, “Where does it hurt?” to treat, and the universal “Why don’t you and I stay right there?” But most urgently, the office has been abused by students who enter, saying that they are hurt when they really want to chill out without getting in trouble and see the nurses as an easy target. This has come to the dismay and intentional misfortune of not just the office, but its staff.

Let’s say you got injured while you were in gym class and it wasn’t a nosebleed because your right leg is now broken. The pain rushes through in your bones like lightning, fire, and like AHHH! It just hurts. Now you’re screaming! The teachers carry you along with some thoughtful students, friends, and the onlookers who could hide their phones for an incident just like this are now all on you. Then, they took you to the nurse’s office on a bed. 

 Your leg isn’t broken. What happened? It’s miraculous–did I die? “We just reset the bone with the elastic bandage on the splint. And you don’t need a cast, traction splint, or thingamajig. It looks like you’re awake. How are you?”, the nurse said calmly. Yeah, I’m dead because normal people don’t say stuff like that. I gotta get out of here, so I stood up. Huh? As I was falling, she caught me and put my arm around her broad, tenured shoulder and held my back with so I could sit on the bed. The nurse said, “Now who’s being bizarre?”

As previously mentioned, the nurse’s office sees more than 80 students a day with a staff of four or less. So with their backs against the wall, students with medical needs and the leeches mixed into one body, with the lack of needed equipment and medical supplies and the odds stacked to their loss, they make do. Nurses are more than good people. They are a backbone and a morality to Kingsway.