Shooting Her Way to College Play- Ella Stephenson


 As she runs off the field to celebrate with her teammates for the last time, her career of 37 goals and 44 assists flashes before her eyes. Midfielder Ella Stephenson is eighteen years old and goes to Kingsway Regional High School. Throughout her four years at this school, she has a total of 118 points. Ella’s senior year has been her best of all. 

Ella Stephenson has been playing this sport since fourth grade. She started because “It was something to do in the fall and knew my friend played.” Over the years her love for field hockey has grown because of her teammates and coaches. Ella’s teammates help her grow her game and become a better person off the field as well. 

“I wanted to become serious about field hockey in ninth grade,” she stated. Her practices used to be once a week for a few months and now they are almost every day all year round. With Ella’s dedication, she was able to commit to Lehigh University to play D1 field hockey at a fantastic academic school. She said, “The team atmosphere was great, and I saw a good future for the team.”

Since the beginning of the season, Ella and her teammates set a goal to win the state championship for the first time in school history. They did it. She said, “Winning the state championship is definitely my most proud achievement.”

Outside of high school, she plays for Uprise Field Hockey Club. This club has developed her game greatly and is a big reason why she is committed to Lehigh. Playing outside of high school with different players and coaches has grown Ella’s play on the field. 

Ella has a lot of support in her life. At home, she has a brother and two loving parents. They push her to work hard and make her believe she can accomplish so much. Ella is well known at Kingsway for her accomplishments on the field and her kindness towards peers. Her journey of academics and field hockey started here, but somewhere else there is a future that holds great things.