March Horoscopes 2023

March Horoscopes 2023

Aries– You’re craving some time by yourself. Take a break from the stresses in your life and curl up at home with a novel or film that takes you to a different world. Embrace new ways of thinking and discover something new about yourself. 

Taurus– This is your time to dream big! Do what you have been wanting to do all year. Maybe even complete your new year’s resolution if you haven’t already. Or perhaps making an important commitment to your future goals or career. 

Gemini– Your social life might be very exciting this time of year! And your popularity may get a boost. You might even meet some long-term friends. You might find yourself in something unexpected. You could also reconnect with an old friend!

Cancer– You could be entering a big period of growth this month, and a meaningful journey might take place. You might meet a group that challenges you to a new way of thinking. Something that hasn’t made sense might finally click! You might be buckling down and focusing on school. 

Leo- You’re wanting to learn new things and share with others. Break out of your comfort zone and try new things. Your dreams may finally become a reality! You might also be inspired to start new! 

Virgo– It has been a rough year so far but you are ready to get back on your game! This is an exciting time to meet new people and socialize more than you usually would. You may find yourself feeling very focused on your job or school. 

Libra- It is a busy time for you but you can handle it! This could be a good time to make some flexibility in your schedule, you work best when you feel you’re free to explore and experiment. Maybe have a spa day or spend some time near the water. This could be a good time for socializing and networking with others.

Scorpio– Every day you will have something to smile about! Make the most of this year and always look on the bright side. A creative breakthrough might take place. This is the time to connot with your heart’s true desires. What do you really want out of life? Who do you love? What’s truly meaningful to you, and are you devoting the time and energy that it deserves? 

Sagittarius– You’re ready to make some changes in your life. Now is the time to do it! Spend time with your loved ones and reconnect with yourself. Your productivity and routine may change for the better soon. You might feel like you’re slogging through mud to get things done, and perhaps waiting on other people to make decisions before you can proceed with your goals. Be patient; rushing things could ultimately create more confusion. 

Capricorn– This will be a busy time for you. You can accomplish so much during this season, and your creativity may be off the charts. You may be connecting with loved ones, or simply enjoying your time at home. You may also experience a creative breakthrough; your art may take an unexpected turn. 

Aquarius– You’re reflecting on your goals and what you deserve in life. You might be feeling lucky, uplifted, and excited by life’s possibilities. You could be making an important decision, setting a boundary, or having an exciting discussion about the future. A commitment may be made.  You might feel confused about how to take action, or unclear about your desires but don’t rush.

Pisces– Your birthday month is here! You will be more confident, excited, and creative this month. Now is the perfect time for introductions, people will find your confidence magnetic! You may feel impatient but you might soon realize something special about yourself.