May Horoscopes 2023


Summer is almost here and this month starts off strong! May started off with mercury in retrograde and a lunar eclipse on May 5th. But don’t worry–there’s still much to come throughout the month.


Aries: Aries can be impulsive, especially during mercury retrograde. So be careful making financial decisions. With your ruling planet, Mars, entering Leo, you might feel more confident in yourself, your style, and any artistic projects. So if you have a project you’ve been wanting to do, maybe now is the time to start it!


Taurus: Since this is your season and Jupiter is your sign this month, you will have a lot of luck! With Jupiter moving into Taurus and the new moon occurring in your sign on the 19th, you can expect a lot of new beginnings this month. Mercury has been retrograde in your sign for the past few weeks, so you’ll feel less foggy when it ends on the 14th.


Gemini: Use Taurus season as a time to relax before all the activity of Gemini season begins on May 21. Mercury has been retrograde since the end of April, so you’ve probably had some difficulty with communication, which is typically your strong suit. You may have been feeling extra tired or down, but now that Mercury is going direct, you’ll start to snap out of it. The eclipse will help you get back on track with your daily routine, too. 


Cancer: Taurus season is about community for you. Whether you have tons of parties and dinner plans or you’re collaborating with friends, you’ll likely be busier than usual. Too much socializing can be draining for an introverted Cancer, so be sure to take some time to yourself for hobbies or just to chill. The new moon in Taurus could mean making new friends or meeting a lot of people at school events or social gatherings. 


Leo: With the sun and new moon in Taurus this month, your attention will be turned toward your career. You could start a new job or be promoted in your current role. As a determined Leo, you tend to become hyper-focused on a project or activity once you get into it, so try to find some time to hang out with friends or watch your favorite show to get your mind off of school and work. Mercury retrograde in Taurus for the past few weeks may have caused confusion or delays in your career, but that will come to an end when the planet goes direct on May 14.


Virgo: Taurus season will activate the part of your birth chart associated with travel, learning, reading, and writing. As a Virgo, you already have a way with words, but this is a particularly good time for you to focus on writing and communication projects. You might also be feeling the itch to take a trip, so start planning where you want to go next. Try to wait until after Mercury retrograde ends to actually jet off, though.


Libra: Your ruling planet, Venus, moving into Cancer on May 7 will add a dose of positivity to your career. Lean into that energy by taking on new opportunities at work or by applying to your dream job. Taurus season and Jupiter in Taurus will bring big money opportunities for you, so this is an ideal time to go after a raise or a position with a higher salary. 


Scorpio: There’s an eclipse in Scorpio on May 5, and this is the last eclipse in your sign out of the Taurus/Scorpio series (there’s one more Taurus eclipse in the fall). You’ll probably start to notice changes in your personal life now that these eclipses are wrapping up. Taurus season and the new moon will highlight your relationships, too. So take this time to build your relationships, or make new ones.


Sagittarius: Your ruler Jupiter entering Taurus and this month’s new moon means positive things for your health and daily life. You might find a new type of workout that you love that inspires you to exercise more often. This is a great time to try to develop a more structured routine, which is not your favorite thing as an impulsive Sagittarius. You might not be feeling like your usual bubbly self around the eclipse in Scorpio at the start of May, so try to add some activities that will brighten your mood to your schedule.


Capricorn: The eclipse in Scorpio and the new moon in Taurus will teach you how to have work/life balance. You might realize you’ve become better at taking time off with this eclipse series over the past year. As a Capricorn, relaxing isn’t your favorite thing to do, but you can make it work for you by designating specific times to do fun things or by setting hard boundaries for yourself. Meditating or journaling could be a good way to clear your mind, too. 


Aquarius: Get ready for some major career happenings this month with the eclipse in Scorpio. You might be closing out a chapter at work, or you could start to consider making a change to your career path. Taurus season is also about home and family for you, so they’ll be on your mind, too. Call your distant family, or even go on a trip with them. 


Pisces: You’ll have a lot going on with learning and communication during the Taurus season. You may be developing a fascination with a subject and have to learn everything about it. Spend some time browsing a bookstore—you could find a new favorite genre. This will also be helpful energy for any writing or speaking you have to do.