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Choose Your Path: Valentine’s Day Edition

What do you associate Valentine’s Day with? Classic romance? Heartbreak? …Horror?
Choose Your Path: Valentines Day Edition

As February begins, many aren’t really focused on the holiday the month meets us with. Presidents Day, Black History Month, and of course Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day can be a marvelous dream of love or fulfillment or even a horror scare…

As it slowly inches closer we are all met with the uncertainty of what will occur. 


Choose Your Path:


Story 1: (For people who still have hope in love)

You enter the school year not looking for a relationship, but your eye soon lands on a kid in your science class. The two of you walk past each other sending little glares and glances away and you suspect they feel the same way about you. You want to make the first move, will you?

1a. Wing it! What do you have to lose? The worst they can do is say no.

2a. Absolutely not! I don’t want to get rejected, I’ll stay lonely. 


 1b. You slowly walk up to them trying to act cool and calm, but your hands start shaking and you begin to speak yet you stutter. But it’s okay! They notice your nervousness and find it endearing. You pull out your classic pickup line and the rizz you got from TikTok, “I always thought happiness started with an ‘H’ but it looks like it starts with U.” 

They chuckle to themselves and begin to smile looking up at you. You ask for their phone number and… They say yes!!! Looks like pickup lines still do work! 

2b. You chicken out of approaching them and Valentine’s Day keeps getting closer. Each day you kick yourself wishing you had said something. You overhear them and their friends over-talking about Valentine’s Day and hear they have plans. You begin to doubt and think it will never be you.

Valentine’s Day is finally here, you contemplate going to school, but find the courage to get up. As you walk into school, people are happy with literal heart eyes over their new Valentine. You put your head down wishing it was you. 

The bell rings for science class, and you have no expectations, but show up anyway (cause you kind of have to) The room is lined with your classmates holding their phones recording and smiling, yet you pay no attention as you walk in with your favorite depressing artist blazing in your ears. You get to your desk and there they are with a box of chocolates and your favorite classic flowers. You lock eyes and they pop the question (not THE question), “Will you be my Valentine?”


Story 2: (For Those who are lonely/hate Valentine’s Day)

There’s not much to expect from Valentine’s Day cause there never has been. You watch as others drool over one another in love perhaps wishing it to be you or grossed out by the thought of love or even the remembrance of a horrific love story. But it’s a new year, a new month, will you still take a chance on love?

1a. Nah, last time was bad, never again.

2a. Fine, I’ll take a chance maybe something different will happen.


1b. You chose not to take a chance, now you watch as others give chocolates and flowers. They may be nice, but at least you’re not breaking your wallet for some oysters at a fancy restaurant because you have a rich person mindset, but a broke person’s wallet. Now you can watch TV, oh but wait! There are only romance movies and shows playing. Looks like there’s no way to get out of the love of Valentine’s Day which makes it all the more horrific.

2b. You go through the first 13 days of February still open to love and soon an offer comes that same day. They ask to take you on a date for Valentine’s Day.

You show up dressed fancy ready for an expensive dinner only to see them in a sweatsuit and their 2010 Toyota Prius. Maybe they didn’t have time to get ready. They open your door and there’s trash all over the back seat, but at least they brought you a rose that you sat on because you were too focused on the trash. You give them a chance, how bad could it be…

The two of you begin to drive to your mystery location and they slowly pull into a McDonald’s drive though. They order you McNuggets. You open it and there’s a charm bracelet inside. You turn to see a large smile on their face. Not too bad right?

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