The First Meeting of a New Club

Max Ma, Writer

Max Ma
First Badminton Club meeting.

The Badminton Club had its first meeting this week. The founder of the club, Jason Chan, is currently in tenth grade. He expressed his ideas on the club saying it, “gives everyone a chance to play badminton with their friends.” Although the club incorporates people at varying skill levels, there is an extremely competitive atmosphere. Adviser, Kevin Miller, said he plans on having competitive tournaments to crown the “king of the court.” The club is hosted in the auxiliary gym and meets on C days during L1. Games of either doubles or singles will be played; supplies for the club such as rackets and birdies will be provided. The members of the club are expected to have full participation, and they must become involved in their matches. To give everyone a chance to participate, club members must rotate on and off the courts. Because of the humidity in the auxiliary gym, members should plan on wearing comfortable clothes when possible.