It is Never Too Early to Start the College Application Process

The anticipation of the acceptance, the rush of adrenaline, the relief of knowing that a future has been secured— are these not the feelings that one experiences when they receive a college acceptance? The student works really hard to reach that acceptance, talking to guidance counselors, doing extracurriculars, working, volunteering, and testing in order to reach their goal. However, they feel as if they are drowning, every task they have to do building up until they feel overwhelmed and lost in what they need to do in order to get into a college. This student is just one of the many students that are lost in the college process in the pursuit of acceptance.

Many students today are overwhelmed by the college process and feel as if they are alone in their college journey. In order to alleviate the stress of many beginning their college applications, members of the Kingsway community came together to comment on the help one might receive at Kingsway and their own personal experiences with the college process.

College, for those who have not been accepted, seems daunting and overbearing. College application anxiety is an extremely common issue amongst high school students, less than half of students feel ready for college and careers. Many students view college as a permanent pathway to their future, the major they choose in high school determining what they are going to be for the rest of their lives; however, it is crucial to rid that thought from the brain. Although college is important, the application process should not have a detrimental effect on the mental well-being of students. Hence, Kingsway has made sure to provide sufficient aid to students in the application process so that they may be consumed by the stress of the future.

One way that the college application process is made more simple is by the avid participation of the guidance counselors in their students’ pursuits for acceptances. Apryl Palazzo, a guidance counselor at Kingsway, is adamant about providing students with as much help as they need. “Naviance, I love Naviance”, she states, “college search and career tools allow you to apply to college. The College board, that’s where you register for all standardized tests. And Common App.” With these tools, guidance counselors walk each student through the rigorous application process, always making sure they are available for questions or concerns about mostly anything college-related. She implores, also, that seniors going through the process recognize that they are not as alone as they feel. “Try and stay focused and relaxed and know that it always works out,” she says, “Whatever’s meant to be will happen.”

Another way that the college process has been made less stressful is through the aid of peers. Coupled with help from guidance counselors, other students are always willing to lend a hand in deciphering the puzzle that is college. Kai Mooney, a senior that has been accepted to two colleges already, shares their wisdom on the topic of college applications. “I would say to turn in your applications as soon as possible. Also, ask for your transcripts and teacher letters of recommendation at least a month before they are due in order to allow for the teachers and counselors to get them together for you and make sure that they are the best that they can be,” they said. In terms of receiving help from Kingsway in the college application process, Mooney expands, “Kingsway has helped with the college application process because of the first unit in senior year English that is dedicated to making sure we have everything that we need in order to be able to apply. It’s also helpful that my counselor is almost always available to talk if I need assistance with something.”

Students who have already been accepted have shared their successes in their college endeavors, further cementing that the process is doable and success is achievable. Sinyee Guo, a senior at Kingsway, commented on her personal college process and how Kingsway has facilitated that process to be successful. “The checklist that was given to me by my guidance counselor helped me when I needed a list of things I need to do in order to complete the application process for each school,” Guo stated, “right now, my next steps will be to maintain my grades and prepare everything on the college checklist as well as sending my first semester grades.” Currently, Guo has committed to New York University and continues to work towards being prepared for her future education.

The college application process is long and arduous and acceptance is an end as well as a new beginning. Using the many resources provided by Kingsway, the students are able to successfully complete each application and get a step closer to the next step in their future. The student, once drowning in the stress of trying to figure out their future, is now able to float blissfully knowing that they are not alone.